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Item #204111

Water Jug & Basin #204111

Item No#204111
ItemWater Jug
size width   
11cm  4 1/2"
21cm  8 1/4"
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Item description : Valuable Utsutsugawa-yaki Hoso-mizusashi water jug with Sagi (an Egret) This is a rare item in the market and not be seen often.

Name of potter : Mr Gagyu Yokoishi,the 13th successor Gagyu, who owns Gagyu-gama(kiln) in Arita, Saga. Gagyu kiln, an intangible culture asset. Gagyu is the most famous kiln in Western Japan and called a "Ninsei (the most famous kiln in Kyoto) in Kyushu". They were started in 1600's, Edo period but disappeared once at the late 1800's due to unknown reason but restored at late 1800's by the 12th successor of Gagyu. Due to this reason, they are called a legendary kiln in Kyushu and well known all over Japanese market. The white Egret drawn on the Hakeme design (brush design) is their famous character and highly evaluated in the market for long time. The original retail price is JPY157500 (US$1580).

Age : 1990's
Condition : Perfect in mint

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