Incredible Beauty Ko-Imari Porcelain Doll

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Item No#25331
Sizewidth 19cm  7 1/2", depth 18cm  7", height 45cm  17 3/4"

Item description : World-wide famous Koimari doll of beautigul woman made of porcelain. A Koimari doll was started production in Edo period (1700's) and had been popular all over Japan as one of their prominent Akae wares. Especailly this type of doll was their represetative item at that time. This doll is a replica of the famous Koimari doll of woman, made by Enzaemon kiln who has been creating potteries and dolls for long generations. Please look at their fanastic Akae techniques arranged on the Hakuji(white) porcelain which must be a great art of Imari. Please add her to your collection at this opportunity. We guarantee that there is no regrets to be a new onwer. Please look at another doll at imari.

Age : 1970's

Condition : Perfect

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